Natalie Calvo: 7-Year-Old Girl Found Safe After Being Abducted At Gunpoint

Natalie Calvo was rescued Friday after the 7-year-old was abducted at gunpoint outside her home in Antioch, California.

Police found Calvo inside a tan Toyota Camry with 42-year-old David Allen Douglas, who investigators say had taken the girl just a few hours beforehand. Police believe Douglas had followed the girl and her mother from a Walmart to their home before snatching the girl, just hours after he attempted another kidnapping.

Natalie Calvo was found with no apparent injuries, police said. She was reunited with family members at a police station just a few blocks from the marina where she was found.

“I (had) been out following leads and (had) not seen Natalie,” Lt. John VanderKlugt said. “But I walked in (to the police department) and all I heard was she was safe. That’s perfect.”

Police said David Allen Douglas had attempted a kidnapping earlier in the day, but did not give details on where and when this took place.

Douglas followed Natalie and her mother from a Walmart parking lot to their home, pulling up in front of their house and grabbing Natalie as her mother unloaded the car, police said. Natalie’s mother tried to wrestle the girl away as the man dragged the 7-year-old, but Douglas pointed a gun at her, police added.

An Amber Alert was immediately issued, with descriptions of Natalie Calvo and her pink jacket were sent around the area.

The alert noted:

“Natalie Calvo is a 7 year old, Asian, female, 3 feet tall, weighing 54 pounds, black hair, and brown eyes, last seen wearing a neon pink scarf and jacket, gray leggings(jeans style), brown boots, with her hair in a ponytail.

“The suspect is an unknown Asian male, approximately 40-50 years old, unknown clothing, possibly armed with a black long gun.”

Police have not said what charges David Allen Douglas could face in the abduction of Natalie Calvo or why he targeted the girl.