Only at RealNetworks Do You Get a Video About Being Laid Off

RealNetworks is slashing about 130 jobs, or 7.5 percent of its workforce. The most interesting part of the story, though, is that the workers getting laid off seemingly were sent a video explaining the cutbacks.

A memo sent to staffers and obtained by All Things Digital has RealNetworks founder and CEO Rob Glaser breaking the news, with an embedded link to a “brief video that goes into additional detail.”

I was curious to see this video and had plenty of questions. What kind of production techniques do you use in a video about layoffs? Do you throw in a couple of dissolves between shots, or maybe an animated logo transition? How about music — do you go with a somber score, or maybe something more upbeat to elicit hope?

Sadly, my questions aren’t answered, as the video appears to have security settings that prohibit it from being played externally. The full memo, though, is here. This is the video link, just in case you’d like to give it a go.

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