Could Teleka Patrick’s Obsession With Famous Singer Have Played A Part In Her Disappearance?

New evidence in the Teleka Patrick disappearance shows that the Michigan doctor had an obsession with the famous singer, Pastor Sapp. Investigators are now wondering if this obsession could have something to do with Patrick’s disappearance.

ABC News stated that the Patrick family hired a new private investigator, Jim Karlan, to further investigate the situation. Karlan states that he does believe that foul play is involved in Teleka’s disappearance. He plans on going back through the list of people the doctor knew and re-questioning everyone.

Investigators did say that they believe they may know who Teleka was talking to in recently discovered YouTube videos, where she is speaking to a mystery romantic interest. Authorities believe that Teleka may have referred to Grammy winner, Pastor Sapp. According to ABC News, Sapp told reporters that he had over 400 pages of correspondences from Teleka. That apparently wasn’t all, he claims she also joined his church, went to his home and contacted his children. She allegedly went as far as calling him her husband. Sapp gave the following statement to the news agency,

“Given these previous acts, i have taken several security measures, which have included obtaining a protective order to ensure our safety.”

Ismael Calderon, Teleka’s ex-husband, said he’s told her to get help. “When I urged her to get help, she told me she didn’t need any help and I was trying to destroy her career.” He continued on to tell Inside Edition that Teleka was both “delusional and paranoid” during their six-year marriage, which ultimately ended in 2012.

Teleka Patrick has been missing for nearly a month, and was last seen trying to get a room at the Kalamazoo Radisson hotel. The video footage shows Teleka being denied a room, and taking a hotel shuttle to her car, which was later discovered over 100 miles away in Portage, Indiana.

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