Matthew Schuler Thinks Ed Sheeran Is ‘The Man’

Matthew Schuler has nothing but love for fellow singer Ed Sheeran.

The Voice contestant made it all the way to the top six during his stint on the singing competition. Although he drew lots of inspiration from season three winner Cassadee Pope, Schuler said he also followed Ed Sheeran’s very closely during his own rise to stardom.

During his recent chat with TVLine, Schuler said he thought it was pretty cool that Sheeran decided to leave home at the age of 16 to pursue his music career in London. This apparently had a pretty big impact on the guy.

“I got to thinking, ‘Ed Sheeran’s the man. He’s super young and he’s a beast.’ I knew if I wanted to really make a career out of this, I had to start young and I had to go out there and test the waters and try it out,” the former contestant told the website.

Not surprisingly, Schuler was extremely surprised when he got a chance to work with Ed Sheeran during the Battle Round of The Voice. The “I See Fire” singer served as his team’s mentor.

“Craziest thing ever. Ed Sheeran is the reason why I went to the open call for Season 5,” he explained.

Matthew Schuler isn’t the only person excited to work with Sheeran in recent days. Christina Perri recently teamed up with the singer for the tune “Be My Forever.” Perri said that she immediately knew that Sheeran was the guy to help bring the song to life as soon as she finished writing the tune.

“I was like, ‘This has to be a duet and it has to be with Ed Sheeran. Please! He’s my number one choice and it’s all I want. It’s perfect for me and him.’ He doesn’t really sing a lot of happy songs either, so we laugh about that. It’s both of us doing the happiest song. He’s my friend, and it just felt perfect,” she said.

Christina added, “His cousin was there and says something silly at the end of the song. I feel like we captured a moment.”

If you still need more Ed Sheeran info to get you through the weekend, the singer recently announced that he has some big news to drop on Monday (January 6). Now’s the time to start following the guy on Twitter if you don’t already.

Are you surprised that Matthew Schuler was influenced by Ed Sheeran?

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]