Navy SEAL Who Shot Bin Laden and Pablo Escobar A Fraud??

The man who has been lauded as one of the most decorated Navy SEALs for his courageous efforts is now being labeled as a fraud.

According to The Daily Mail, it has been reported that Navy SEAL AJ Dicken allegedly conspired a plausible scheme stating that he had fictitious ties to an elite regime.

Dicken, 57, was also the man accredited for taking down Osama bin Laden. However, it has been revealed that his claims are false, and the level of his deception metastasized when it was revealed that Dicken isn’t even a SEAL at all.

He was actually a former bartender with no military experience. However, he did have an extensive criminal record who fabricated credentials and declarations. It was also reported that a number of true Navy SEALs had become aware of Dicken’s collusive scheme and made several attempts to expose his dishonesty. However, it was far too late for a number of the investors he had already deceived, because he had received “hundreds of thousands of dollars” to flee.

ABC News reports that Dicken had orchestrated a full resume, with fraudulent credentials and accolades, that he never achieved. Dicken claimed he served in a number of covert combat missions, from Vietnam to Afghanistan. He even had SEAL trident insignias that he wore, flaunting his awards and accomplishments.

In the know: True Navy SEALs had been trying to put an end to Dicken's lies but it was too late for a number of investors who helped him launch a security company that took hundreds of thousands of dollars to run

Dicken has even been known to share false stories about his imposturous mission of assassinating Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. He also shared triumphant chronicles of his historical feat in Pakistan which led to the death of Osama bin Laden. Then, to authenticate his scheme, Dicken even had discharge papers, two Medal of Honor and an acclamatory letter from Colonel Oliver North. However, it was all an elaborate lie that was orchestrated for an even bigger scheme.

Dicken’s premeditated motives were all apart of a calculated contrivance to obtain hundreds of thousands of dollars from investors. The embellished story was used to secure a massive half-billion dollar security contract.

However, the ruse didn’t just end there. He actually did the leg-work to construct all of the details to successfully edify his fraudulent credentials. Dicken developed a company he coined Global Resources and Logistics after launching a defense training camp that was funded by two doctors who invested abundantly. The doctors, Greg Ginn and Brian Romaneschi, who were apart of Dicken’s defense classes, along with also weighed in on Dicken’s corroborated story.

“I just asked, ‘What is your background?’ and he said, ‘I’m ex-Navy SEAL, then I went into the CIA after I retired from the SEALs,’” Ginn said. “He can be very charming, very engaging,” Romaneschi said. “He presents a face that kind of draws you in.”

Ginn and Romaneschi invested approximately $850,000 for Global Resources and Logistics, and that’s where the monetary gain began. It wasn’t long before Dicken locked down a massive security contract with a United Nations-affiliated organization. The contract was reportedly worth half a billion dollars.

When ABC’s 20/20 aired the full investigation, Dicken was approached at his home in rural Alabama. However, he declined to comment on the allegations.