Megyn Kelly Slept With Meteorologist Janice Dean? Awkward On-Camera Moment!

Actually they did.. But it’s not exactly what you would think. However, Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly sure made it seem that way simply by the way her statement was worded. So what really happened?

Last night on The Kelly File, she and meteorologist Janice Dean were discussing the complications caused by the severe winter snowstorm, Hercules. Dean was casually addressing the near-freezing, sub-zero temperatures that are now plaguing the majority of the Northeastern region of the United States.

Dean relayed the meteorology reports and moved on from the weather to give a number of closure examples, stating that most New York-area businesses and schools would be closed due to the harsh climates. She stressed that no one should be out in such severe conditions.

Kelly then replied, “So, since the trains will probably be closed, does that mean you and I are having another night in bed together?” Kelly also noticed how one could easily misjudge the statement, and she quickly tried to clean up the slight verbal mishap. “It’s a long story!,” she immediately added.

Although Kelly was referring to staying in because of the cold weather, the question obviously caught Dean off-guard, and raised eyebrows! As a matter of fact, the meteorologist was at a loss for words. Her reply was, “We’re gonna be on YouTube in a few minutes,” and her prediction couldn’t have been more accurate.

Just minutes later, that’s exactly where they ended up, reports The Blaze! The actual footage is quite comical for spectators. However, the moment was definitely awkward for the two of them.

However, Kelly quickly offered a detailed explanation for how the night actually happened. She and Dean were in New Jersey on assignment covering Hurricane Sandy. Due to the shortage of hotel rooms, the two shared a room to free up space for evacuees in search of lodging. Their actions were actually quite considerate and innocent, above anything else.

Dean also offered a double entendre to clarify all aspects of the statement. “I’m happy to say you’re the only female I’ve ever shared a bed with,” Dean said. The moment was hilarious, and even the two of them had to laugh about it!