January 3, 2014
William Shatner Choked Out By Carrie Fisher, Star Wars VS Star Trek Debate Is Over

With William Shatner choked out by Carrie Fisher, the Star Wars VS Star Trek debate is officially over now that we've seen the match results of Captain Kirk VS Princess Leia.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a US politician recently sent in his resignation via a Klingon letter... today is a good day to resign!

Both Star Trek and Star Wars fans have long debated which science fiction franchise is the best. Trekkies like to boast they have way more movies (12 vs six at last count) but Luke Skywalker fans point out the worldwide gross on movie ticket sales is almost four times in favor of Team Star Wars (ugh, did I just make a Twilight reference?). Still, no one can argue Darth Vader seemed to have forgotten his lightsaber when it comes to live action TV series. While Star Wars has been animated multiple times, we still haven't seen a single Star Wars TV show that isn't cartoony.

Well, apparently William Shatner was like a cooing tribble next to Carrie Fisher's Chewbacca when they got into a fight:

When Shatner was asked, "I thought the war was over?," he responded, "That was so last year. It's 2014 you know!" The good news is that Carrie Fish "made up after [she] killed him":
Well, hopefully next time Captain Kirk will use a full spread of photon torpedoes and not get caught sleeping in his onesies.
So... now that Star Trek VS Star Wars is officially back on in 2014, which one is better?