Facebook User Throws Boiling Water On Girl For Unfriending Him

Facebook is an important means of staying in contact for many throughout the world. In India, one teen was so upset over being unfriended, he allegedly took revenge by throwing boiling water on the face of the girl who unfriended him.

Friendships can stir up all sorts of emotions in people, especially when it comes to teens and young adults. With the internet, and Facebook becoming such a large part of the lives of teens and young adults, it doesn’t surprise us that they would spill their emotions to their friends online. But to take their hurt feelings and use them to fuel violent actions? That’s something that the majority still finds shocking.

The Times of India reported that the teen had made his way into the girl’s house Wednesday evening. It was then that he found a pot of water boiling in the kitchen. He took that pot of hot water and threw it on the girl who had unfriended him on Facebook. The girl said that she knew the young man through her father and according to the Huffington Post, she said the following in a statement:

“My father is a teacher and he used to come for tuitions to our home. I accepted his (Facebook) friend request a year ago because I found him decent then. But of late he had become abusive and so I ‘unfriended’ him last week.”

Reports state that the girl had sustained serious burns that covered her right cheek and neck, covering nearly 20 percent of her face. She is undergoing treatment in a hospital in the Muzaffarpur district, and according to The Times of India, her condition has improved as of Thursday.

Local police have said that they have launched a full investigation into the incident. They say that the teen accused of carrying out the attack is believed to be an undergraduate student at a Muzaffarpur college.

[Image by 1000 Words / Shutterstock.com]