Wendy Williams’ Romance Novel ‘Hold Me In Contempt’ Arrives This April

Wendy Williams recently announced the upcoming arrival of her latest literary endeavor.

The author and talk show host revealed on Twitter that her “sexy” romance novel Hold Me in Contempt is presently scheduled to arrive in bookstores on April 1. Although the release date suggests this is possibly a joke, the book is apparently the real deal.

Harper Collins is releasing the book later this year. If you’re eager to get your hands on a copy of the tome, then you can pre-order your copy now.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Wendy Williams has dipped her toes into the world of literary fiction. The writer previously teamed up with Karen Hunter for the Ritz Harper series. However, it seems that Hold Me in Contempt is a solo affair.

Check out the synopsis for Hold Me in Contempt:

“Kimberly Kind is trying to get beyond her roots. A successful, beautiful, smart lawyer, she’s finally finding direction in her life and getting out of the streets. But a terrible accident threatens to throw her carefully laid plans off course. Now Kim’s hiding a huge secret… one that could threaten everything. Enter King. A perfect mix of Justin Timberlake and David Beckham, the man oozes sex and has more swagger than anyone Kim’s ever met. Their chemistry is off the charts. But after passion-filled nights, the intensity of their emotions takes both of them by surprise.”

Judging from the listing over at Amazon, Wendy Williams is taking more than a few cues from Fifty Shades of Grey. Since E.L. James’ book sold millions of copies, it’s no surprise that other authors are hoping to cash in on “down and dirty” romance novels.

“It’s gritty. Kim Kind is my heroine, and she falls for a guy named King. He’s white and he’s bad to the bone, and she’s black and she’s an assistant D.A. here in Manhattan, and she’s got quite a few problems,” Williams recently told the New York Daily News.

In just a few days, William Morrow Paperbacks will issue a reprint of her book Ask Wendy: Straight-Up Advice for All the Drama In Your Life. Those who love watching The Wendy Williams Show will no doubt want to search for answers to life’s toughest questions in these pages. The book arrives on January 7.

Are you a fan of Wendy Williams? Do you plan to pick up a copy of her romance novel Hold Me in Contempt when it arrives on April 1?

[Image via Anton Oparin / Shutterstock.com]