UFO Sightings: Sweden Sees Its Skies Lit Up On New Year's Day

UFO sightings in Sweden lit up New Year's Day, causing the alien hunters to investigate.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, many reported UFO sightings in California in the same time frame although the FAA didn't see anything.

UFO Investigator Tobias Lindgren of the non-profit group UFO-Sweden claims UFO sightings are common during New Year's:

"A lot of the reports during New Year are triggered by the Thai lanterns. Every year, I investigate between 50 and 60 sightings. I expect to have a lot to do this year, too. People think the lanterns are UFOs, but I recognize them immediately. Some people are very relieved when they find out.
UFO-Sweden claims their objective is to "turn the UFO subject into an established and respected field of research."

Sweden's UFO sightings probably should have lessened this year because the government implemented a new law regulating the release of hot air lanterns:

"Since November 1, Swedes no longer need a permit to launch the hot air born lanterns into the night sky. Anyone living within 100 metres of any of the main airports, however, must warn flight control they want to send the Khom Loy lanterns skywards."
If there were any major UFO sightings in Sweden for 2014, this writer wasn't able to find them. So, in the meantime, check out this compilation video: