North Korea Leader ‘Fed’ Uncle To Pack Of 120 Starving Dogs [Report]

North Korea’s ruthless leader, Kim Jong-Un, reportedly “fed” his uncle to a pack of 120 starving dogs in punishment for several “crimes.”

According to a report from Beijing-controlled newspaper Wen Wei Po, the death of Jang Song Thaek and five close associates was much more brutal than previously believed.

The disturbing account says that the six accused men were stripped of their clothes and fed to the pack of dogs who had not eaten for three days.

The North Korea ruler forced about 300 senior officials to witness the massacre that lasted about an hour, according to the news agency.

Although the reports cannot be independently confirmed because of the secrecy surrounding the North Korean regime, Gordon Chang, author of the book Nuclear Showdown: North Korea Takes on The World, says it is entirely possible that Kim Jong-Un would have done such a thing.

“These deaths send a message that you better not cross the leader,” Chang said.

North Korea is known for its brutal killings of anyone that dares challenge Un’s authority and that of his father, Kim Jong-Il before him.

Chang said that Jang himself was likely responsible in the execution of a North Korean military colonel who was killed by a mortar shell.

Singaporean Straits Times says that most executions in North Korea are by a firing squad and the departure to a more brutal way of killing may also be sending a message to Beijing.

Jang, who was the vice-chairman of the National Defense Commission, was believed to be a strong proponent of Chinese-type economic reforms in North Korea and was considered to be an important link between Pyongyang and Beijing.

However, China — which is North Korea’s only ally — has grown more weary of its relationship with the regime ever since Kim Jong-Un assumed power.

“The two countries’ military have always had close ties,” Chang said.

Jang Song Thaek, 67, was accused of corruption, womanizing, gambling, and taking drugs. He was also accused of attempting to “overthrow the state”.

North Korea State run television announced Jang’s execution as a triumph and dubbed him a traitor “worse than a dog.”