Aubrey Price Embezzles Millions, Fakes Death, And Is Now Broke, Homeless?

Aubrey Price is a Georgia banker who allegedly embezzled millions only to go missing in an apparent suicide. Now that he’s been found he’s claiming to be broke and homeless.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a Target breach of their debit card database opened up millions to potential fraud.

Oddly enough, Aubrey Lee Price, who is also a former minister, was originally being heralded as a hero when in late 2010 his company purchased a controlling interest in the troubled bank and promised to invest its capital into various money-making ventures. Instead, Price set up a shell corporation in New York City and used that company to hide wire transfers and other illegal activities including fraudulent investments over a two-year period:

“The complaint alleges that, instead of investing the money as promised, Price fraudulently wired the bank’s funds to accounts that he personally controlled at other financial institutions and provided bank management with altered documents to make it appear as if he had invested the bank’s money in (U.S.) Treasury securities.”

Before disappearing, Price told friends he’d lost “a large sum of money through his trading activities,” created the false transactions in order to cover this fact up, “hurt the very people I was trying to help,” and claimed he planned to commit suicide by “jumping off a ferry boat” in Florida:

“My depression and discouragement have driven me to deep anxiety, fear and shame. I am emotionally overwhelmed and incapable of continuing in this life.”

The FBI didn’t believe this story and federal authorities went on a manhunt to find the banker and the $40 million he allegedly embezzled from Montgomery Bank & Trust even as a Florida judge declared him dead. The last time he was spotted was boarding a ferry in Key West. Florida after purchasing dive weights in order to carry out the suicide threat.

Police only caught the ex-Georgia Banker on a fluke. Price happened to be driving very slowly on I-95 in a pickup truck so deputies pulled him over for a window tinting violation. Deputy Justin Juliano said he knew something was wrong immediately:

“He was extremely nervous. His hands were shaking very badly. When I asked him for his license, he actually had a license in one hand, was looking through paperwork like he was looking for another, looking for something else or the license. And I had to point out to him I wanted the license in his hand. That’s how nervous he was.”

They arrested Price when they realized his ID was fake. Once at the detention center, Price admitted, ‘I’ma make you famous, and if you can accept the reward money I’ma make you rich. I’m Aubrey Lee Price.”

So far the missing millions hasn’t been found. Aubrey Price claims he’s been homeless, does not have any assets, and was working as a migrant worker for cash. But police raided the location where he allegedly was living and found marijuana plants along with other evidence. He’s being held in jail without bond.

Do you think Aubrey Price stole the $40 million or do you think it sounds like the Georgia banker lost the money in bad investments?