Guns N’ Roses’ Daren Jay Ashba Helped With Marriage Proposal By Cop, Who Is Punished

Guns N’ Roses’ guitarist Daren Jay Ashba got help with his lavish marriage proposal, but now the police Captain David O’Leary is being punished for his part in the elaborate scheme.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Axl Rose was sued by a fan for knocking his teeth out, yet he is still apparently a landlord’s dream come true.

David O’Leary is a police officer in Las Vegas who helped the Guns N’ Roses rock star by taking Ashba and his then-girlfriend, Colombian actress Nathalia Henao, on a police helicopter ride around town. He then dropped them off at an airfield, showering them with champagne and roses as part of an elaborate marriage proposal. Ashba was so happy he posted the whole thing on social media:

“That was the most incredible day of our life!! Special thx to the Las Vegas Police Dept. for the most amazing helicopter private tour over Vegas! We landed in a field at Police headquarters were I had a table set up covered in roses n a bottle of the bubble stuff for @naty_yummi8 as we walked up to the table @karikaisner slipped me the ring, and thats when I proposed! it was beautiful she didn’t expect a thing, it was magical. And thanks to our good friends for helping making it all happen!! Dave and @nitaoleary @tommyoleary”

Well, the Las Vegas police department apparently doesn’t believe in romance. An internal investigation decided O’Leary and another police officer named Ray Horsley misused department resources. Although civilians are allowed to go in police choppers, it’s under limited circumstances, and they’re only supposed to take off and land from police headquarters.

The Las Vegas PD decided to punish Horsley by transferring him out of Air Support Detail, which means he can longer use police helicopters. The police captain, on the other hand, was supposed to be demoted to the rank of Lieutenant, but O’Leary decided to opt for retiring as a captain instead.

Do you think the Las Vegas Police Department was right to punish David O’Leary for helping out Guns N’ Roses’ Daren Jay Ashba?