Coolest Pickup In The World: EVER [VIDEOS]

This is without any doubt the ‘coolest pickup’ in the world, and being made out of 11,000 pounds of ICE, it’s fairly awesome too.

When Canadian Tire was trying to think of a way to show off their ultra-low temperature battery – the MotoMaster Eliminator, they asked iceculture inc. for some ideas, and they came up with this. It’s a real ’05 Chevrolet Silverado chassis, fitted with Canadian Tire’s MotoMaster Eliminator battery and built entirely out of ice. 11,000 pounds of frozen water – that’s more than twice the weight of a real Silverado!

But don’t expect to be drag racing this ice cool motor, they only managed to get it up to 12mph on a one mile drive across town intended to get into the record books for the first self-propelled ice sculpture.

In the end, there was no room in the freezer for this monster truck, so they thawed it out in the garage, for, wait for it, 40 hours!

This beaut’, which is basically entirely see-through, has all the parts (nearly) of a real truck. There’s doors and a grille, heck, even rear view mirrors.

This is probably the only ultra rare, one-off vehicle that you definitely won’t see any Arab Sheik making an order for, but as it seats two, and you need to have some pretty warm underwear on to ride shotgun, I can’t imagine anyone that would. You would, however, turn a lot of heads – and you better not pick your nose, or scratch anything embarrassing because this thing is totally see-through!

So, check out these videos, adverts from Canadian Tire. I especially like the one at the end; ‘melting backwards’ looks like some kind of alien mutation crystallizing around some beefy tires and a battery pack.

So, it’s definitely too cool for my driveway, but at least it puts the point across that this battery works, at really really cold temperatures, even in a truck made of ice!