Katy Perry Loses Twitter Account To John Mayer, Only For A Few Minutes

Katy Perry and John Mayer have officially been an item for the last few months, and this past New Year’s Eve she lost her phone to him, and the proof is on Twitter.

The pair recently released their duet “Who You Love,” and news with updates on their relationship is all over online and print media.

On New Year’s Eve, Katy Perry performed in a private show at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, which was attended by hotels guests and her very famous boyfriend, who watched her on-stage from the sound booth.

The 80-minute performance was a review of her greatest hits, and while Katy Perry did not mention Mayer during the show, the couple spent some quality time together at a private party at FIZZ Las Vegas later on.

Her act capped off a great few days, during which she spent about a week at the strip, first watching Britney Spears’ new gig on Friday, and getting the thrill of a lifetime on Monday at a Fleetwood Mac concert.

You see, Katy Perry is a huge fan of band member and vocalist Stevie Nicks, who dedicated their “Landslide” performance to Katy, who was speechless according to the tweets John Mayer posted on her account.

He took the opportunity to explain why Katy Perry couldn’t use Twitter at the moment:

Katy Perry and John Mayer are still promoting their duet “Who You Love” and doing appearances on morning TV and talk shows such as Ellen and Good Morning America.

Things are looking up for Katy Perry, and she seems to be truly happy with her beau at the moment after her short-lived marriage to British actor Russell Brand ended in 2011, when he texted her his intentions of divorcing her 14-months after getting married.