Boko Haram Islamic Terrorists Kill 12 At Christian Wedding In Nigeria

A Boko Haram terrorist attack by militant Islamists has killed 12 at a wedding in Nigeria.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Boko Haram has caused much suffering in the past. Several months ago the Islamists killed 42 children in a school. Unfortunately, the jihad continued to target schools in a war on Nigerian students.

Islamists have been trying to impose Sharia law in the area for the last 4.5 years. The Nigerian government has been actively fighting back against such atrocities, and they launched a combined air and ground offensive in the Boko Haram’s area, killing many insurgents:

“Over 56 terrorists were killed during the encounter while several others fled with gunshot wounds. Weapons, equipment and vehicles belonging to the terrorists were also destroyed by the troops’ ground and air strikes.”

Since then, the Islamists have continued their massacres, and two Boko Haram gunmen pretended to be guests at a wedding, only to interrupt the ceremony with a hailstorm of bullets:

“The attackers, who were obviously Boko Haram insurgents, arrived at the open-air venue of the party around 2:00 pm (1300 GMT) and opened fire, killing seven people and injuring five others. The gunmen fled immediately and escaped before security personnel could be alerted due to the remoteness of the village.”

Unfortunately, the five injured people succumbed to their gunshot wounds at a hospital. The wedding was said to have been attended mostly by Christians, although Muslims were in attendance, as well.

The only good news recently is that a French Catholic priest named Georges Vandenbeusch was abducted by Boko Haram, only to be released after seven weeks of captivity, which he described as “terrible boredom, sadness, and anger.”

Armed men broke into his parish in Cameroon and then took him to Nigeria. Although Boko Haram demanded a ransom, the French government refused. So why was he released by his captors?

“The leadership (of Boko Haram) decided to release the priest on compassionate grounds and having benefited from his medical expertise. The priest offered medical service to sick members during his period of captivity. The leadership felt there was no longer need for keeping him.”

But Vandenbeusch himself denied ever treating anyone, and he claims Boko Haram never shows compassion, although he did also say he wasn’t targeted as a Christian, but only as a Westerner. Instead of ransom, a “Cameroonian security source” claims the priest was only freed due to a prisoner exchange involving a Boko Haram leader.