Nicole Scherzinger: New Album In 2014 Worth $4.5 Million, What About X Factor?

Nicole Scherzinger’s new album is being slated for the summer of 2014, and Sony apparently thinks these new songs are worth $4.5 million.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, there were talks about having Scherzinger fired from her job as an X Factor judge earlier this fall, only to be replaced by Rita Ora.

But that wasn’t the first time she was “fired” from X Factor, and she’s apparently undecided on whether she should pursue the next season of the popular UK TV show:

“She’s torn between the two — she loves the show and loves working on it but is conflicted. She is taking time out at home with her family to decide what move is best to make. Nicole was the most popular member of the X Factor panel this year and is the real winner in terms of bankability. She is set to sign with Sony and can’t wait to get back to her music, which took a back seat during X Factor.”

The former Pussycats Dolls singer reportedly is in talks with Sony Records to sign a new album deal. Her debut solo album Killer Love was released in 2011, but a new album’s name hasn’t been announced yet.

Nicole Scherzinger’s net worth will get a substantial bump if the deal is closed for the expected $4.5 million. In addition, she’s reportedly signed a multi-million dollar advertising deal with Missguided and renewed her contract with Herbal Essences. Considering she was previously estimated to have $8 million, this means she’ll certainly be worth somewhere in the $12+ million range.