Tori Spelling Ditches Her Wedding Ring, Actions Speak Louder Than Words [Video]

H. Scott English

Tori Spelling has managed to stay completely silent in the face of her husband, Dean McDermott's, cheating allegations but sometimes actions speak louder than words. Tori Spelling, daughter of multi zillionaire Aaron Spelling, was captured on film leaving her house without her wedding ring.

A source close to Tori Spelling told E! News that Tori was not thrilled that the photographers were there taking pictures. When asked about McDermott's infidelity Tori Spelling kept mum.

Last week the gossip magazines were lit up with rumors that McDermott cheated on Tori Spelling with Emily Goodhand. Goodhand has since given an interview to Us Weekly where she says she slept with Dean McDermott in Toronto, Canada. McDermott was in Canada promoting his new show "Chopped Canada".

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, various sources say that McDermott's cheating was brought about because Tori Spelling, exhausted from raising her kids, refused to give in to McDermott's desire for sex. Supposedly, McDermott was heard in Toronto begging Tori Spelling for sex prior to his affair with Emily Goodhand.

Tori Spelling is trying to act like nothing is going on with the couple. Both Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have refused to comment on the accusation and are doing their best to make it seem like nothing is going on. Tori Spelling has continued to post photos of her children playing on social media. Now sources are saying that the photos of Tori Spelling without her wedding ring are proof that tori is going to move on without McDermott.

Do you think that Emily Goodhand is telling the truth that she slept with Dean McDermott? Is a divorce between him and Tori Spelling imminent? Comment below.