Ken Griffey Jr. Watches Son Trey Catch Two Touchdowns For Arizona

Ken Griffey Jr. has seen his share of sports milestones, but this week, it was Griffey’s son who had his moment in the spotlight.

The baseball legend traveled to Shreveport, Louisiana on New Year’s Eve to watch his son Trey, who is a wide receiver for the Arizona Wildcats.

It was quite a day for Trey, who caught three passes for 41 yards and two touchdowns, helping propel the Wildcats to a 42-19 win over Boston College. ESPN cameras caught Griffey on the sidelines with a high-powered camera lens capturing the moments of his son’s big day.

Trey is not the only great athlete in the family. His sister, Taryn Griffey shocked the college basketball world earlier this year by deciding to follow her brother to the University of Arizona. Taryn is considered a top 50 prospect and could have attended some of the biggest women’s programs in the country, but decided to pick Arizona.

Typically the Wildcats have been known for their football and men’s basketball teams, but Taryn has the chance to help turn around a women’s program that hasn’t recorded a winning season since the 2010-11 season.

Taryn said the decision surprised even her family, but dad Ken Griffey Jr. was happy to hear the news.

“My family was pretty shocked. I hadn’t said anything because I didn’t really know what I was thinking,” she told Central Florida News 13 about her decision to head for the desert. “My brother is here and my dad and him were high fiving.”
While it’s no secret that Trey is the son of Ken Griffey Jr., folks on Twitter noted the moment, and how old it made them feel to see their childhood idol become the father of a college athlete.

Oddly enough, fans of Ken Griffey Sr. likely said the same thing when his son Ken Griffey Jr. reached the majors, playing on the same team as his dad.