Woman Arrested In Connection With Las Vegas Road Rage Shooting

A woman was recently arrested in connection with a Las Vegas road rage shooting that took place last month.

Brittanie Merritt-Burwell and Joshua Youngblood were both picked up by police at a Las Vegas Burger King nearly a week after the incident took place. Police said the pair became agitated at the victim after the driver refused to let them change lanes on December 23.

According to authorities, Merritt-Burwell exited her vehicle shortly after she became enraged at the other driver. She was reportedly joined by the other suspect at the car. It's believed that Merritt-Burwell then produced a firearm and shot at the driver.

The victim's car reportedly rolled forward before coming to a stop at Hawaiian Marketplace. The suspects returned to their vehicle and immediately fled the scene. Witnesses managed to catch the suspect's license plate as the pair drove down the Strip.

Details about the victim's injury are a little different, depending on which site you visit. While some reports claim the man took a bullet in the neck, others suggest that he only received an injury to his left hand. Whatever the case, he drove himself to the Spring Valley Hospital for treatment. Hospital officials said his gunshot led to a brief lock down of the facility.

Police said Brittanie Merritt-Burwell later admitted to confronting the driver during the road rage incident, though she initially denied shooting at the driver. However, she later confessed that she pulled the gun when the victim attempted to hit her. The suspect said she only remembered shooting the gun once.

Merritt-Burwell faces charges of attempted murder while Youngblood was later charged with harboring, concealing or aiding a felony offender, resisting a public officer with a deadly weapon, and carrying a concealed weapon firearm. The pair was reportedly spotted by a patrol officer on Monday morning, and both suspects are still in custody as of this writing.

Unfortunately for Merritt-Burwell, this isn't her first brush with the Las Vegas police. The Arizona native was reportedly issued a citation along with an unidentified woman during auto burglary at Hooters Casino. Information about this particular incident is sketchy at best.

Brittanie Merritt-Burwell and Joshua Youngblood were to appear in Las Vegas court Wednesday morning. The pair could spend a bit of time behind bars if they're found guilty of the charges. Further details about their court appearance are not available as of this writing.

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]