Arnold Schwarzenegger Missed Out On Millions As California Governor

Arnold Schwarzenegger apparently didn’t make a lot of money as the governor of California. In fact, the 80s action hero said he missed out on millions during his stint in politics.

While most people wouldn’t necessarily have a problem bringing home $187,000 a year, the Terminator star wasn’t at all happy with the money he made in California. In fact, the former governor said he missed out on tons of Hollywood cash as a result of his political career.

“I always saw my movie career as ongoing. I stepped out for seven years to be Governor of California but I was never trying to be a career politician who runs for Congress and the Senate. I just felt since America has given me every opportunity to achieve in life,” Arnold Schwarzenegger explained.

He added, “I should take time out to serve the people regardless of the lack of pay. I gave the money back, as a matter of fact… I lost out on earning tens of millions of dollars and it also cost me — political campaigns are expensive — but none of that mattered. I wanted to help the people. It was the most educational thing I’ve ever done.”

The actor said that many people told him he would lose because voters don’t take celebrities seriously when they run for political office. Despite the advice, Schwarzenegger successfully ran for the governorship. Although he didn’t make a lot of money, he doesn’t regret the decision.

Now that his political career is in the history books, Arnold is ready and willing to take whatever projects Hollywood will throw his way. In addition to starring in The Expendables 2, he also appeared in The Last Stand and the prison flick Escape Plan.

Before fans can catch him in the third installment of The Expendables, Arnold Schwarzenegger will shoot a lot of people and possibly blow a few things up in director David Ayers’ actioner Sabotage. The film finds the actor leading a DEA task force against a villain who begins picking off the team members one-by-one.

Schwarzenegger switched gears a bit for Henry Hobson’s dramatic horror flick Maggie, an endeavor that finds the actor battling a legion of blood-thirsty zombies. Joely Richardson and Abigail Breslin co-star in the thriller. Look for the movie to arrive at some point this year.

What do you think about Arnold Schwarzenegger missing out on tons of Hollywood money during his lengthy stint as the governor of California?