Britney Spears: Did She Fake Her Abs With Makeup For Vegas Show? [Video]

Britney Spears is finding herself in a heap of controversy lately. First she was accused of lip synching in her Las Vegas Planet Hollywood debut. Now she is accused of publicly faking it. Her abs that is. Britney Spears is accused of using make up in order to giver herself a defined six pack.

Donning her trademarked nude bodysuit and adding a leotard inspired by S&M she put every eye on her sculpted stomach. The big issue fans are having is those photos appear to show her abs being painted on her stomach.

Britney Spears put the photos on Instagram on December 28th and the reactions were fast and brutal. Fans put rude comments all over Instagram, Facebook, and her website.

Others were quick to come to Britney Spears’ defense, saying all actors and performers use make up to enhance their features.

Haley Hover, who writes in the fashion blog The Gloss, said:

“People get worked into a frenzy whenever they discover that their favorite celebrity (ahem, Kim Kardashian) uses tons of contouring, shading, and makeup magic to look as sculpted as they do. While Britney is naturally gorgeous and super fit, you can’t expect her to wake up looking as rock-hard as a Twilight vampire”.

Britney Spears Stomach

In September, Britney’s trainer, Tony Martinez, told E! News that Spears was doing “hardcore” Olympic-style training. She is going to need it to keep up with 90-minute dancing performances on a regular basis.

Britney Spears is no stranger to controversy over her body. During her infamous meltdown a few years ago, which landed her in court deemed incompetent to conduct her own affairs, she was photographed with no panties on and her privates all over the internet. She then went on to shave her head in addition to some more mild nipple slips.

Do you think Britney Spears faked her abs?