It’s Already 2014 In Some Places: Check Out Their Fireworks [VIDEO]

In the mind blowing ‘Burj Al Dubai’ in Dubai – the tallest building in the world by miles, they put on quite a show as the clock struck 12. They claim it was the biggest fireworks show ever, a record breaker with an incredible half a million fireworks according to The Daily Telegraph. Don’t try and count them.

As the bell tolls on the New Year, people around the world are distracting themselves with a plethora of entertainment and fizzle.

Fireworks, invented thousands of years ago by the Chinese as a form of idol worship, are still till today a relic of irrational, yet enjoyable, rites of passage. As the new year, and each new year beckons, so many millions of people look up. Although, on the surface they are just facing skywards to catch a glimpse of the explosive light shows, perhaps, subcosciously they are also looking up, hoping for something better in 2014, maybe more meaning, more realness, more joy and celebration.

2013 has been a tough year, apart from the disasters, wars and suffering, our economy has only just recently given us any reason for hope, so let’s look up, see the light(s) and invite or perhaps expect better things from 2014. Make your New Year’s Resolutions less self-centered, although losing weight is important for some people, I think if as many people made a New Year’s Resolution to volunteer, or give more charity, or do secretly good deeds, or just be more honest like that Vegas Cabbie who returned $300,000 without hesitating, then without a doubt 2014 will be a better year for everyone.