Woman Allegedly Threatens Boyfriend With Knife For Refusing To Cuddle

Robert Jonathan

A Florida woman allegedly threatened her live-in boyfriend with a kitchen knife because he refused to cuddle with her in bed.

According to the report from the Manatee County Sheriff, the couple has been drinking all night and got into an altercation about man's cuddling aversion early Saturday morning. The man decided to exit the premises at which point his girlfriend reportedly grabbed and tore his shirt in an attempt to prevent him from leaving. The law enforcement report goes on to say that the woman brandished the kinife "as if she was going to hurt or stab" her boyfriend. The boyfriend, identified in the report and in the media as Henry Price Jr., 33, told officers, however, that he didn't feel he was in danger of being stabbed.

The woman, identified by police and in multiple media accounts as Shavonna Rumph, 31, denied the knife allegation. Rumph told responding officers that "I didn't do anything with the knife and Henry needs to tell the truth about that." Neither party was hurt during the confrontation, fortunately, and both declined medical attention.

Rumph was charged with misdeameanor domestic battery for grabbing her boyfriend's shirt. She was released from county jail on Sunday on a $250 bond.

According to the AskMen website, males should be more open to cuddling because its releases the so-called pair-bonding hormone oxytocin in the brain "along with a host of other feel-good hormones that will leave you feeling happy and less stressed."

Maybe it's the stress often associated ith the holiday season, but as The Inqusitir has recently reported, some couples seem to be encountering difficulties getting along without police intervention. In one instance, a bride-to-be got into an heated argument with her groom about their wedding colors and and allegedly stabbed him the chest. In another case, a woman allegedly stabbed her husband with a ceramic squirrel on Christmas Eve after he came home empty handed from a beer run.

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