Four Bodies Discovered Inside California Home

Four bodies were discovered inside a Fontana, California, home on Monday evening. The victims include a 10-year-old male, and 12-year-old female, an adult female, and an adult male. Authorities said family members identified the adult victims as parents of the two children.

On Monday, police received a phone call from an unidentified 16-year-old male claiming his family members were either hurt or dead inside the home. When authorities arrived on scene, they found all four victims shot dead.

Although the victims were not identified, authorities said it appeared they lived together in the Palmetto Avenue home. Officials also revealed that the mother and two children suffered multiple gunshot wounds, while the adult male was discovered with a single shot to the head.

Fontana police Sergeant Doug Imhof said detectives discovered the bodies and blood “in different areas of the house.”

As reported by NBC Los Angeles, the scene points to a murder-suicide. However, the investigation is ongoing. Fontana police Chief Rodney Jones said the crime is currently being investigated as a homicide. The chief did not mention any specific motive or suspects.

Authorities said they were waiting for a search warrant to complete a thorough investigation of the scene. Their preliminary impressions were based on initial observations inside the home. Detectives expect to have more answers after they have an opportunity to collect evidence.

Neighbor Jessica Arauz reported hearing arguing and gunshots hours before the four bodies were found. Neighbors said the community is usually very quiet and violent crime is rare.

Daily Freeman reports the city of Fontana has approximately 200,000 residents. It is located 50 miles outside Los Angeles in Bernardino County.

Sergeant Doug Imhof did not offer any other details about the scene and The Fontana Police Department declined further comment about the tragedy. Community members said they are “just speechless” that four bodies were discovered inside their neighbor’s home.

[Image via Wikimedia]