Jerry Jones Says Jason Garrett Still Holds The Reins For Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones reiterated his commitment to head coach Jason Garrett, indicating he’ll be back in the saddle for the 2014 season.

In fact, the thought of firing him never crossed Jerry Jones’s mind.

“I think what’s important here is that I haven’t given it any consideration,” Jones said via “I like what he’s doing as coach, so I haven’t given it any consideration.”

Jerry Jones’s endorsement of Garrett has not wavered since July, when he dismissed the idea that 2013 would be a make or break season for the Cowboy’s third-year coach. Jones points out that Garrett owns a.500 record of 24-24 on the Dallas sidelines, far superior to that of the coaches unloaded in 2013’s Black Monday. Jerry also defended his role as general manager.

“We have been in it, right there playing for it, in the last game for the last three years,” Jones said. “I’m in complete step with our fans that want more than 8-8. So that you don’t have to be playing for the NFC East championship in the last game every year.”

Absent from Jerry Jones’s ringing endorsement of Garrett was similar confidence in his coaching staff, and Jones avoided directly addressing the standing of offensive coordinator Bill Callahan and his defensive counterpart, Monte Kiffin. Rumors around the league include the idea of Jerry Jones and company putting Kiffin, architect of one of the most dominant defenses of the 2000’s in Tampa Bay, out to pasture in 2014.

In addition to Jason Garrett, Jerry Jones made it pretty clear he’s sticking with what he’s got under center.

“I am big-time committed to Tony Romo. We made that commitment. That’s a big commitment,” Jones said via CBS Sports.

Still critics point out that settling for middle-of-the-pack mediocrity is complacency and that Jerry Jones might be out of touch—after all, he does still use a flip phone.

“Among other things, Jerry Jones needs to hire a real GM and give him real power. That much is obvious. Jones’ theory is that he knows the franchise better than anyone, and whatever decision a GM made would still have to get his approval, so why not just cut out the middle man?” said Dan Wetzel with Yahoo Sports.

What do you think of Jerry Jones’s decision to stick with Jason Garrett? What do you think of the decision to keep Jerry Jones as GM?