Chrissy Lampkin Bar Fight: Victim Needed Stitches Above Eye

Chrissy Lampkin seems to be working on her street cred, having been arrested for fighting in a New Jersey bar. Apparently the Love and Hip Hop star didn’t just get into a fight, she ended up injuring the girl she was fighting with to the point where the girl needed a visit to the hospital.

The story goes that at around 2:30 am the police arrived at the bar where the altercation took place. Chrissy Lampkin was arrested by officers for aggravated assault and disorderly conduct.

The woman on the receiving end of Chrissy’s aggression left the bar covered in blood, and requiring stitches above her eye. So what was the fight all about?

TMZ reported that Chrissy got upset when a woman sat on the sofa she was sitting on and then bumped into someone accidentally. Some kind of argument ensued before Chrissy approached the woman – and the fight started.

The fight was definitely real as no cameras were rolling at the time. Obviously the internet is waiting for a smartphone recording of the incident to be posted, but as yet there is no visual of the fight.

Following the popular Love and Hip Hop: New York show, Chrissy Lampkin and her fiance Jim Jones, made their own show called Chrissy and Mr. Jones, which finished its second season this month.

Despite her fame on TV, Chrissy Lampkin did a few hours in the slammer for her behavior at the bar and will no doubt be punished when the charges against her work through the system.

Chrissy was released a few hours after she was taken to the police station; fortunately for her, Jim Jones was on hand to bail her out.