Are the Cleveland Browns interested in Kolb?

I really think the NFL lockout is starting to get to the NFL media. Everyday there are rumors about trades and this and that and yet we all know that nothing can happen until June or later after we get the next court ruling. So really a lot of these rumors and stories are just mental masturbation. We all want football so bad, that any little nugget of information gets blown way out of proportion.

The latest is a rumor that the Cleveland Browns are interested in trading for Philadelphia Eagles QB Kevin Kolb. Sure the Browns have a unproven youngster in Colt McCoy running their offense, but isn’t Kolb exactly the same thing. I mean really he has only started seven games and I don’t think anyone knows exactly what he could be.

It seems the entire basis of this story is the simple fact that the Browns have two first round picks next year. So they could afford to trade one away for Kolb. I guess in that light it makes sense but why trade a first round pick that does not give your team a clear upgrade. In my mind McCoy and Kolb are the same player. They are unproven at best and spending a first round pick on a unproven veteran is worse than spending it on a unproven rookie. Especially since it looks like the new Browns regime has done a good job on draft day.

Sure the Browns have two first round picks, sure their GM use to be with the Eagles, and sure McCoy is still unproven but when we look at the situation as a whole it seems completely ridiculous that the Browns would first want Kolb, and second over pay for him.