Lotto Winner Ditches Longtime Husband For Car Dealer Beau

Being a lotto winner sounds like a dream for most of us, but make no mistake, it comes with its own set of stresses. Last year, Gillian Bayford was a nurse at a hospital in Cambridge, England. Her husband Adrian ran a small music shop. They had two kids and were barely making ends meet when suddenly their world changed — overnight.

They hit the numbers in Britain’s EuroMillions lottery game and suddenly found themselves richer to the tune of £148 million. In American money today, that would be more than $244 million.

But last month, Britain’s newest multi-millionaires announced that the stress of having all that cash was too much. They were splitting up after nine years of marriage.

Of course, there may have been other factors involved besides the terrible pressures of being super-rich. Seems that in October, Gillian, 41, wanted to show her largesse to her friends and family by purchasing new luxury vehicles for everyone. While visiting her parents in Dundee, Scotland, she stopped in at a local car dealership, John Clark Audi, Scotland’s Daily Record newspaper recounts.

The salesman there, Alan Warnock, 42, obviously did a world-class job. Not only did he sell Gillian not one, not two, but five brand new Audis, he also stole her heart. Maybe there was something in the way she wrote a check, or slipped a shiny new credit card alluringly out of her wallet. But sparks clearly flew between the pair.

Now Gillian has ditched her husband for Warnock, according to numerous reports in the British press. The Daily Mirror quotes an unnamed friend explaining the new romance, saying, “He sold her the cars she wanted and romance has blossomed since.”

According to the Mirror report, the once-happy EuroMillions-winning couple will be splitting the remainder of their cash between them. And there should be plenty. The £260,000 ($430,000) Gillian dropped on the mini-fleet of Audi automobiles would have barely made a dent.

Warnock has now reportedly quit his car-salesman job and moved in with his new, wealthy girlfriend.

“He is very happy with his new circumstances,” one anonymous friend told the Daily Record.

Yes, one would expect that he is.