Grand Theft Auto IV is Gay says Religious Group

The Timothy Plan, a Christian investment company that checks media for violence and gayness has published its annual sodomy and chainsaws list for video games.

Grand Theft Auto IV makes the list as a gay game, being described by the group as including "Homosexual Encounters:"

The main character can solicit dates from males on his online dating website, but will be turned down because he lists himself as a straight male.

Also making the list (via Queerty)

Saints Row 2: "Homosexual Encounters: Players can customize their character in any way imaginable. You can cross dress your character, and select voices to match your homosexual or transgender created player. Characters like Randy the Tranny were used in marketing the game."

Mass Effect: "Lesbian Encounters: The sexual encounter occurs even if you create a female character, which opens the door to same-sex relationships."

Bully: Scholarship Edition: "Homosexual Encounters: Gay achievements such as "over the rainbow" can be reached on the XBOX360 when you kiss 20 boys."

Fable II: "Homosexual Encounters: Players can have a gay/lesbian marriage and have gay/lesbian sex."

Army of Two: "Homosexual Encounters:(not mentioned): Somewhat homo-erotic undertones between the two main characters are present."

Because you know, the promotion of homosexuality is the most concerning thing in the GTA series....not.