Blabbermash: Ask Abby for the YouTube Generation

Blabbermash is a video sharing advice service that lets users upload questions about their love life and get advice from other users.

The concept is classic Ask Abby, or as Blabbermash likes to call it “Advice 2.0.”. YouTube style users upload video questions on their relationships and sex lives. Users can vote any video up or down, and can respond to each video. In some cases the advice given is helpful, other times it’s down right catty.

Founder Mike Alvear is the co-host of the HBO series, The Sex Inspectors and a regular on Fox’s The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet. Alvear has also appeared on The Today Show, Tyra, and The Greg Behrendt Show, so he does know a little bit about relationships.

Overall: good design: check. Interesting content: check Traffic…well not so great for a site that launched nearly 12 months ago. Blabbermash has the potential to be a viral hit but for what ever reason no one is talking about it. Still, it has some appeal, and if it ever came up on eBay at the right price I’d buy it 🙂