Lady Gaga Considers Donatella Versace A ‘Role Model’

Lady Gaga found a role model in fashion designer Donatella Versace.

The “Applause” singer struck up a friendship with Versace a few years ago. Gaga recently posed for a series of photos for the fashion designer last month; a series of images that seemingly channeled Versace’s iconic look.

Fans of Lady Gaga are already well-versed in their relationship. Not only did Donatella Versace provide the singer with an outfit for her “Edge of Glory” music video, she also helped out with the singer’s Born This Way tour back in 2012.

During a recent chat with Fashion magazine, Lady Gaga feels that Donatella Versace is more than just a really good friend. In her opinion, the fashion designer is a full-blown role model.

“I don’t always have anyone to look up to. It can be kind of lonely because you know some people have been very accepting of me as an artist and some people haven’t,” the singer explained.

She added, “Seeing where Donatella is and how far she’s come and continues to go makes me feel like I have a role model. I have somebody I can look up to and say ‘I can be that’ or maybe I can at least try.”

Although she frequently receives some help from the fashion designer, the singer wants everyone to know that it’s okay if you don’t look like a supermodel. She also told Fashion magazine that she would still wear the same kind of clothes if her name wasn’t known around the world.

“I want to remind everyone that people who win Nobel Peace Prizes and cure diseases are not supermodels. Your legacy does not need to be a perception of beauty that’s not realistic,” she explained during the interview.

Unfortunately for Lady Gaga, she’s still having trouble finding an audience for Artpop. In order to help boost sagging sales, the batch of tunes is currently available for a very low price. Amazon and Google Play are reportedly offering the album for just $3.99. Physical copies are reportedly going for as low as $6.99.

Of course, there’s still a chance Gaga could turn this whole thing around. The singer will launch the so-called ‘ARTPOP’ Ball next year, a tour that takes her around the globe. While her handlers claimed ticket sales have been exceptionally strong, a handful of venues hosting the tour are telling a somewhat different story.

Despite the disappointing sales and the constant criticism, Lady Gaga doesn’t seem too concerned about the situation at the moment. The singer will kick off her Artpop tour after a handful of dates at New York City’s Roseland Ballroom in March and April.