London Horror: Woman Burns Alive On City Street Near Supermarket [Breaking]

London was the scene of a horrifying, early morning tragedy Sunday as emergency responders answered a call of a woman on fire near a railroad crossing on a street in the English capital‘s New Malden district.

According to an account in London’s Independent newspaper, it was about 1:10 am in London when police arrived and sealed off the area. Firefighters were already on the scene. They put out the fire, but by the time they were able to get it under control, the woman was dead.

Authorities say that the woman was 18 years old. She suffered severe burns to every part of her body.

Police and fire inspectors were puzzled by how the woman caught on fire in the first place. Officers from Merton Borough and the London Fire Brigade will conduct an investigation.

Investigators from Scotland Yard, however, said they believe the fire might have started in a house down the street from the West Barnes Lane railway crossing where the woman was discovered, in a small section of London known as Linkway.

The woman was found near a Tesco supermarket store in the southwest region of the sprawling metropolis, not far from where one of the London professional soccer teams, Fulham F.C., has its training ground, Sky News noted.

As late as noon Sunday, London time, streets around where the woman was found remained closed to traffic.

On July 14 in Bristol, England, a 44-year-old man was burned to death by neighbors who wrongly believed he was a pedophile. Bijan Ebrahimi was questioned by police after taking pictures of local kids who were vandalizing his flower pots, the Daily Mail reported

Police found nothing to the pedophilia allegations, only that Ebrahimi was an avid gardener. But after he was let go by police, neighbors Lee James and Stephen Norley beat him unconscious, dragged him into the street and set him on fire.

While police currently do not know, or are not saying, how or why the 18-year-old woman in London was set ablaze, they are sure of her identity and have informed her next of kin of her death. But an official identification has yet to be made.