Dunkin’ Donuts Holdup Man Also Robbed Fishtown CVS [Video]

Dunkin’ Donuts. CVS. What could be next for the knit-cap-clad bandit who knocked over two Philadelphia chain stores Thursday morning? IHOP? WaWa? Chuck E. Cheese?

The robber’s choice of targets may be amusing, but the man is no joke to Philly police who say they have the same man caught on surveillance video holding up two establishments in the city’s Fishtown neighborhood.

The outlaw seems somewhat less than professional, so with the public’s help, detectives hope they can nab him before he strikes another business.

The man is described as white, about 40, 5’8″-5’10”, 160 pounds, light complexion, mustache with a light beard, thin build, wearing a gray hooded jacket, black shirt, blue jeans, black knit hat and white sneakers.

The suspect, as seen in the surveillance tape below, first walked into a CVS store at 2:16 am at 2638 East Cumberland Street in Fishtown. He wandered around for a short time, then approached the checkout counter as if to buy a candy bar, the Fox News Philadelphia affiliate, Channel 29, reported.

Instead, the man accosted a woman working there with a plastic bag covering his hand as if concealing a firearm. Whether he had one or not is unknown because as soon as the woman yelled for her store manager, the suspect turned and ran from the scene.

He got no money, though he may have made off with the candy bar.

But the determined stickup man was not about to give up. At 4 am, he appeared in a Dunkin’ Donuts at 717 East Girard Avenue. This time, he was more successful.

Approaching the counter, he asked for one of Dunkin’ Donuts’ famous fried dough confections. He then paid for the 89 cent doughnut.

“He bought something, then he robbed,” said the Dunkin’ Donuts Assistant Manager, in an interview with Fox 29. “To me, that doesn’t make no sense.”

According to CBS Philly, the employee placed a doughnut in a bag and handed it to the man — who then pulled out a bag of his own.

The bag appeared to be concealing a gun in the mans’ hand, just as in the attempted CVS robbery less than two hours earlier. The employee opened the register and handed the man some money. The amount has not been made public.

The man then fled on foot.

The robber seems not to care about being recognized. Both the CVS attempt and the Dunkin’ Donuts robbery were recorded on surveillance video.