U.S. Ranks 9th For Overall Broadband "Adoption" and "Download Speeds"

The United States is home to Microsoft, Apple, Google, Alcatel Lucent, IBM and numerous other tech company's however the country as a whole is lagging far behind many other developed countries in terms of Broadband adoption and Broadband download speeds.

America has recently ranked 9th out of the 29 countries involved in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

According to the survey the U.S. in 9th for broadband penetration on a per capita basis (12th in pure percentage). Countries that are currently ahead of the U.S. include the UK, South Korea, Iceland and the Netherland.

U.S. Customers also use broadband download speeds that once again rank as the ninth fastest in the world, this time behind Australia, Ireland and Sweden among others.

It should be noted that the U.S. has some unique problems to solve when delivering high-speed internet connections, for example our country is spread across a vast amount of land which creates cost issues when attempting to connect smaller towns and rural areas.

In terms of broadband high speed downloads the report finds that Olympia, Washington has the highest average download speeds at 21Mbps, while New York offers speeds at 11.7Mbps, those numbers can be compared to Berlin, Paris and Seoul who average 35.8Mbps to show exactly how far behind much of the world the U.S. really is in the internet speed battle.

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