Pope Benedict XVI Makes Long Distance Call To Space

Pope Benedict XVI made a very long distance call to space on Saturday to broadcast a live chat with the astronauts aboard the International Space Station.

During his speech Pope Benedict specifically made mention to Mark Kelly, the husband of U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords:

“I know that Mark and his wife were the victim of a serious attack, and I hope that her health continues to improve.”

Kelly and the Pope then talked about world relations with the Pontiff stating:

“I think it must be obvious to you how we all live together on one Earth, and how absurd it is that we fight and kill each one.”

Kelly responded:

“We fly over most of the world and we don’t see borders, but at the same time we realize that people fight with each other and there is a lot of violence in this world.”

The space shuttle Endeavour which carried Cmdr. Kelly and his crew are on a 16-day mission about the International Space Station.