Buffalo Bills to do list

Before the Draft I had big concerns about the Buffalo Bills defense. After they used six of their nine 2011 NFL draft picks on defensive players some of my fears there have been eliminated. Now I think the time has come to get some work done on the Bills offense. I still see some holes along the offensive line, I do not believe in Ryan Fitzpatrick as their QB, and the Tight End spot still needs an upgrade.

Since the Bills are a rebuilding team they could wait until next year’s draft to try and get their QB of the future. However there are a lot of veteran QB’s on the market, once the NFL gets back to business that is. The Bills probably should not go that way. I would allow Fitzpatrick 2011 to prove himself; he did play well enough to get another shot at securing this gig long term.

My larger concern currently is the holes along the offensive line. This team has spent a ton of picks to rebuild its own line in recent drafts and this is a unit that still is underperforming. They still need help at both tackle spots and that is what they should spend the free agent signing period addressing.

After securing more talent for the O line, this team could use an upgrade at the tight end spot. Granted it has been years since this team featured a TE in their offense. Of course it has also been years since this was a good football team. It may be coincidence, but it is time to see a Bills TE have a great season. They will need to lure a free agent to town.

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