Is Kevin Kolb worth a first round pick?

It is being reported that the Philadelphia Eagles asking price for QB Kevin Kolb is a first round draft pick and a defensive starter. Many are questioning that as Kolb is not exactly a well established super star at the NFL level. In fact in his very limited NFL career Kolb has put up some very inconsistent numbers and that probably means any team paying the price of a first round pick is over paying for a guy who don’t know all that much about.

Kolb has played in 20 NFL games. IN that time he has thrown for 11 touch downs and 1picks.Hi QB rating is just 73.2, but he has completed over 60% of his passes. There is talent there, but a new team would have to spend some time developing it. Given that they may be better off saving their first round draft pick and simply drafting a QB in next year’s draft. If there is a draft next year that is.

A defensive starter for a potential starting QB seems pretty fair at this point. OF course the Eagles want something in return for Kolb’s potential to be a big star on e day in this league. Of course any team trading for him is going to have to make a big investment in him far beyond what they have to dangle to Philly to get a trade done.

What all of this really means is a team trading for Kolb is going to have to get the Eagles to sign a conditional draft pick deal. Say a guaranteed second round that could grow into a first given specific perimeters of Kolb’s performance with the new team. That is the only way I see a deal getting done here.