Students getting free Xbox 360s with a Windows 7 PC

Calling all students: Microsoft wishes to aid your studies with one of its shiny new Windows 7 PCs! Then destroy them with one of its shiny, er, getting-on-a-bit Xbox 360 consoles!

This is how it works: any student in the U.S. spending more than $699 on a Windows 7 laptop or desktop from May 22nd through September 9th will also get a free 4GB Xbox 360 S. That’s not too shabby considering the 360 S still costs $200 on the high street. Also worth noting: this deal is coming to France and Canada soon.

The closing date for this promotion varies between retailers, though I can’t believe this won’t stretch through the summer to catch those getting ready for college. As a man who spent more time on his Dreamcast in 2000/2001 than attending lectures, I naturally endorse this move.

[Windows Team Blog, via Joystiq]