Yollege: Sort Of Yelp For Colleges

Yollege is a user generated review site focused on College life, from ranking the College itself down to reviewing the smallest of college amenities.

Yollege focuses on information usable to both students and parents wishing to learn about college, aiming to provide true insight and an interactive database of relevant information.

Users share their “passionate thoughts and opinions” on every aspect of campus living. Suggested areas include nightlife to dorm life, campus hotspots to local flavor. Users are encouraged to give “poignant and honest reviews” to offer an inside scoop on what’s really going on.

The site also offers basic social networking features (don’t they all), including connecting students within individual colleges, and via a message board that also doubles as a Craigslist of sorts.

My thoughts: it’s reasonably well designed and the idea is solid enough, if lacking originality. My issue is content, or lack there of. Yollege has a touch of a build it and they will come about it, with empty or near empty college profiles (Stanford being a case in point). Without an initial burst of sticky content there’s nothing to keep people coming back. Chances of fail: medium to high.