E-Book Sales Now Outweigh Book Sales At Amazon

With the E-Book market heating up and Amazon drastically dropping the cost of their Kindle e-Readers (the cheapest model is now $114) it was only a matter of time before e-Books began outselling hardcover and paperback books and that is now the case, at least at Amazon.com

After just four years of selling the digital versions of books Amazon has announced this week that the company is now selling 105 E-Books for every 100 books, for their count Amazon includes both hardcover and paperback copies of books sold.

According to Indyposted the count did not include free E-Books, such as public domain offerings of Shakespeare material.

With the $114 Kindle currently the best selling version of the company’s e-Reader to date those numbers should be expected to climb in the future.

Have you made the leap to e-Books, why or why not?