Pete Doherty back in the clink for six months

Former Libertines singer and guitarist Pete Doherty is back in jail, an expected to stay for six months.

The troubled musician has been in and out of jail over the past decade several times, and still can’t seem to stay out of trouble. At Doherty’s sentencing, Judge David Radford blasted the rocker for his “appalling record” of drug offenses. Radford spoke of the pain caused by the death of associate Robin Whitehead from a drug overdose, the event that precipitated Doherty’s most recent arrest for possession- but Radford did indicate Doherty was not responsible for the tragedy:

“The offences involved the social supply of crack cocaine in a crack cocaine pipe, which you handed to that person.

“I make it clear though, abundantly clear, that the young woman’s death was not caused by that supply of crack cocaine.

“Unhappily and tragically that woman died from the poisoning of another illegal class A drug which she had chosen to take.

“The grief and loss to her family and friends caused by her death cannot and should not be sought in any way to be expiated by the sentence I pass today.”

Doherty, whose scheduled gig for tonight in Glasgow has been canceled, was said to have been impassive when the sentence was handed down.