UFL still has some outstanding bills

It goes without saying that the United Football League's 2010 season did not end on a very good note. The league ended up short on cash from some unforeseen costs related to transfer of ownership from a central league office to local control. This forced them to charge its players going on to the NFL a transfer fee to try and make up the lost revenue. Now after settling most of its accounts heading into season number three, the news has been mostly positive. However, one bill remains unpaid and it could really upset the upstart league's plans for its third season.

The Hartford Colonial owe the state of Connecticut some 90 thousand dollars for rent on their home field located near the campus of the University of Connecticut. State officials would like to have the Colonial back but feel the need to demand payment on the back rent before a new agreement can be worked out.

CBSsports.com secured comments from Kim Hart, policy development director with the State of Connecticut Office of Policy and Management:

We want them there — they're a great asset for the stadium and the area, but we cannot enter into serious discussion until we settle the expenses from last season.
UFL Commissioner Michael Huyghue has stated over and over that the UFL had a shortfall at the end of the 2010 season, and the local groups who are now in control of their teams were hesitant to pay off their bills. We have to assume that there was serious consideration that the league would fold, and they actually held at least one vote to suspend activities. If they had disbanded there would have been little need to pay the outstanding bills.

One has to wonder how this will get worked out as the third UFL season is set to begin this August.

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