PS3 Call of Duty players welcomed back with double XP weekend

The PlayStation Network is slowly creaking back into life, and Call of Duty: Black Ops maker Treyarch wants to make up for those 25 days you were separated from your beloved.

Hence, from 1.00pm EST on Friday, the PlayStation 3 version of Black Ops will see the start of a double XP weekend, giving you a chance to accelerate your leveling up. The double XP period will stretch through to 1.00pm EST on Tuesday, according to Treyarch’s Facebook page.

A shrewd move by Treyarch, I’d say – especially with the ‘Escalation’ downloadable map pack on the horizon for PS3.

As for when the rest of the PlayStation Network is back up (the PS Store, for example), Sony’s still aiming for the end of May. Just remember that you’re entitled to other freebies if you were one of the 77 million gamers frozen out by the PSN downtime – details are here!

[Via Treyarch Facebook page]