PS4 In Stock? Xbox One, PlayStation 4 Availability Okay With After Christmas Sales

Patrick Frye

Finding a PS4 in stock is a matter of luck right now. Xbox One availability and PS4 availability are on gamers' minds while hunting for the best 2013 after Christmas sales. But, is it possible to find any good PlayStation 4 deals at all or are we all being ripped off?

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the PS4 vs Xbox One console battle actually was a loss for all since the NPD sales numbers showed a sharp drop in video games sales. And it doesn't help that many are suffering from Xbone and PS4 error messages and bugs.

Those checking on PS4 availability are pretty much out of luck. The PlayStation 4 is sold out practically everywhere except for eBay,, and lesser trafficked sites like RadioShack. Target said they'd try to get the PS4 in stock by today, but it's a matter of checking with each local store. But there is a caveat to finding the PS4 in stock online. For example, the PS4 Amazon deal is in stock now, but it's only offered as a bundle.

Unfortunately, these PS4 bundle deals start at $701.99 and quickly rise from there. Still, you get a game like Battlefield 4 and a PlayStation Network card. And if you think the $150 average markup eBay is demanding for the standalone PlayStation 4 is outrageous, then you'll be shocked by the standalone Amazon PS4 "deal." There are several sellers via Amazon with the PS4 in stock, but they're all selling just the console for $599.99, which is an amazing $200 above the normal retail price.

Some gamers even accused Sony of artificially raising the PS4 price by limiting supply. They laughed that suggestion off:

"Do you create an artificial shortage because you want there to be a feeding frenzy? No you don't. The holidays only come around once a year so that's really when you want to take advantage of the market opportunity."

Fortunately for Xbone fans, finding a Xbox One in stock is far easier. But if you're looking for any Xbox One deals or bundles, unfortunately, I don't see anything except for the retail price of $499.99. Microsoft has tried to make sure Xbox One availability is high, and they once bragged their console was the fastest selling system even though Sony sold the most overall. has the Xbox One in stock for regular pricing as well as Best Buy, GameStop, Microsoft Store, and many others. Of course, this might not be something for Xbox One fans to brag about since gamers are looking for a PS4 in stock while trending data shows interest in Xbox One availability is waning.