Amazon Launches Electronics Trade-In Program, iPhone Deals Start Immediately

Want to get rid of your digital camera, MP3 player, smartphone or other pieces of electronics you no longer need or want? Amazon may be willing to pay you for your used goods through their newly available electronics trade-in program.

Users simply choose which item they would like to trade-in, print a free shipping label and then wait for a gift card to arrive once their item has been verified. Sure you might get more cash for your items on Craigslist or through eBay, but let’s be honest this is a much easier method for users looking to purchase items through the Amazon website.

Amazon is also offering a “Trade-In of the Day” which will give users extra cash for their used items. For example the iPhone 3GS 16GB is offering a price of $235 while the 8GB iPhone will earn you $86 and the 8GB iPhone 3G will fetch $118.