Motorola Droid X2 Arriving Online Tomorrow, In Stores By May 26

The Droid X2 is finally upon us! Motorola and Verizon confirmed on Wednesday that their newest Android phone is ready to arrive, 4.3-inch HD screen display and more.

The device starts out with Google Android 2.2 however an upgrade will be made available to 2.3, while users will also receive a NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor with 1GHz of goodness. It should be noted that this device is the first dual-core processor Smartphone for Verizon.

Throw in an 8 megapixel camera with continuous autofocus and HD Video recording and the $200 contract price for a two-year deal doesn’t seem like a bad deal at all.

You’ll also notice that a USB port is located right next to an HDMI port on the side of the device, a setup that matches the Motorola Atrix which could mean additional port docking for added use, although it’s still unclear if the device will sync to already available Atrix equipment.

While the device is guaranteed online tomorrow some stores will also receive their devices at that time so be sure to call your local Verizon Wireless corporate store to find out if you can pick up an X2 locally.