I Hope He Keeps It in Mint Condition

Johnny Depp has yet again scored points with the ladies from his selfless acts of giving. I love this guy: his most recent act of generosity involved a hat straight off the set and plenty of Depp-themed merchandise to go along with it.

According to Jack Taylor, a seventh grader, all he needed to do was ask “‘Can I have your hat?'” and the deal was done. Just as Depp promised, it arrived at Jack’s door with plenty of merchandise for his siblings, Anthony Taylor, Alexis Taylor, Emily Brand, and Abigail, courtesy of Depp’s production company, Infinitum Nihil. (Okay, there was a little cajoling involved where Jack’s parents tracked down Johnny’s agent and gave her their address so that the package would arrive safely.)

Jack Taylor also got a personal note from Johnny inside the package along with the hat. I have a feeling that someone’s going to experience a sudden burst in popularity when he returns to Grace Lutheran Church in the fall!

If only all celebrities kept their promises like this, even when there’s a little reminding involved.