Economists Diet That Works, Keeps It Off [VIDEO]

Amazing, simple diet that really works is revealed in this book, anyone can do it, and it even shows how to keep the weight off.

It’s diet season, so why not do things intelligently and follow the advice of some clever professors…

In a really interesting book by two University Professors, Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein, they write a lot about how the human mind works. The book, Nudge, which is an international bestseller, discusses how people are so easily fooled, and how that can affect their weight problems.

A great example of this was a crazy experiment done by Professor Wansink where he gave out free, stale, popcorn in a cinema in two different sized containers. The hilarious thing is that the people who got the “squeeky” old popcorn in the large serving actually ate “53% more than the people” who got a smaller container of free old popcorn, even though they thought it ‘felt like chewing on polystyrene packing peanuts’. The point is all about serving sizes, and how bigger servings will make you eat more.

In another study, which is maybe even funnier, Wansink had people eat free soup, but this time it wasn’t old or nasty, just served in a really big bowl. The trick this time was that they had built some kind of funky mechanism into the bowl so that it kept refilling itself and never got empty. Guess what? They found that people downed tons of soup in that experiment, once again proving that people just eat whatever’s in front of them.

In Nudge they talk about the interesting case of two Economics grads who wanted to lose weight. John Romalis and Dean Karlan were being wined and dined by lots of potential employers trying to get the young brains to work for them, and all that food had them piling on the pounds.

So, being economists they thought of a simple, yet brilliant solution, and for some reason they haven’t made it into a book yet. Romalis and Karlan decided that they both had to lose 30 pounds, and gave themselves a realistic target of shedding it within nine months. Up til now everything’s pretty simple, but, they made a pact:

If either of them failed to lose the 30 pounds within nine months, they’d have to give the other one $10,000

The bet worked, and they both lost the weight, and it seems to show that when you’re staring down a tub of ice cream it will motivate you to turn down the calories when you are faced with a massive potential fine for indulging in that delicious creaminess straight out of heaven, mmmmmm.

Well if you’re spending money on Diet Pills that might anyway be killing you, you might want to read on and find a much cheaper (hopefully) and safer alternative.

Even though we all know that obesity and just generally being overweight isn’t healthy and is probably quite dangerous in the long run, no-one imagines that they will have a heart attack, it’s the kind of thing ‘that happens to other people’, but when you’ve made an agreement and you know you’re going to have to fork out the cash, you pay attention.

Then Romalis and Karlan had to face the next challenge that every successful dieter has to face: How do we keep it off? Well they knew they were onto a good thing with the fines so they devised a ingenious system.

At any point one of us could call up the other one and arrange a ‘weigh in’ on that day, if you had gained anything back: Pay the Fine

And so, the two would call each other intermittently and arrange a weigh in and only once was a fine ever paid, so they kept it off beautifully.

Have you or a family member ever tried Cash or Cake or any other diet that works on fines and Not incentives?