Source: Every party with LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian is a makeout party

Newlyweds LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian were spotted this week at a party at Del Posto in New York City, and witnesses say the couple engaged in intense public displays of affection.

The pair’s relationship had a rocky start, as both Rimes and Cibrian were married to other people when they met on the set of a Lifetime movie. Perhaps it was the thrill of finally being able to play tongue hockey in public that sparked the incident, described by OMG! Yahoo:

“[Rimes and Cibrian] were “making out in the middle of [everything].” The source adds Rimes was “making a compete scene and holding up her camera as they are making out so she [could] take pictures of them making out — it was unreal.”

The source continued:

“We were like, ‘Who the hell is that?'” the source says. “And of course it was them. It was so beyond ridiculous.”

The site says another source indicated the couple were inseparable on the set of Cibrian’s new show.